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Martin Law Office welcomes any and all feedback from our clients, as it helps us improve our services. Please take a moment to fill out our brief survey below, and provide any additional comments as you see fit. Thank you for choosing us as your counsel.
Welcome to the Martin Law Office client satisfaction survey. Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and to meet your legal needs in an efficient and cost-effective manner. To ensure that we are exceeding your expectations, we would appreciate your help by taking just a few moments to complete this survey. Thank you.

Client Survey

Which attorney(s) primarily worked on your case?
Timeframe in which you were an active client?
How did you learn of the firm?
What was your selection criteria for choosing Martin Law Office as your counsel?
Did the attorney:

Ask what goals you wanted to achieve?
Tell you how the attorney was going to try to achieve your goals?
Obtain your input and approval on the course of action?
Tell you how long the process would take?
Tell you how fees were charged?
Estimate your total bill?
Explain that you would be making decisions about your case?
Use your name when conversing with you?
Keep you informed of developments?
Promptly respond to your requests, including returning your calls?
Did you feel that the attorney was courteous?
Did you feel that the attorney was professional?
Did you look at the firm's website?
If you did look at the firm's website, what did you find helpful about it?
In your opinion, how could the site be more helpful; were there any items you were looking for that you could not find?
Please indicate how satisfied you were with the style of representation by Martin Law Office below by indicating if you feel they should have been more aggressive or less aggressive in your case.

(1 less aggressive and 10 more aggressive)
What did you feel your counsel did very well?
How do you feel you could have been better served by Martin Law Office?
Did the Martin Law Office provide a professional and inviting office?
Did you feel that the fee agreement was adequately explained to you?
(If not please fill in your suggestions for improvement below)
Were you easily able to understand your bill and the status of your account as set forth on your billing statement?
(If not please fill in your suggestions for improvement below)
Did you feel the firm was reasonably priced for the services provided?
(If not please fill in your suggestions for improvement below)
How likely would you be to recommend us to a friend or colleague?

(1 not at all likely, 10 extremely likely)

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